Generate a BANNER / SCREEN / MOBILE / PRINT Collage


This is currently in late BETA test... it works well but we are still tuning the backend-frontend workflow integration.
1. Select at least _1_ Collage type below: BANNER / SCREEN / MOBILE / PRINT. You can select multiple types as well.

2. you can upload your images via dropbox (we send you a folder link, you send us a folder link) or a web link to a zip file of your images. The quickest method is if you can provide us with a download link. Dropbox integration is working but needs more testing.

3. for optimal quality and layout use 3:2 OR 2:3 format jpg images with a min. resolution of 1536x1024 pixels. If the images are smaller than 1536 pixels the output quality will suffer.

ATTENTION: Only upload images if you are the copyright owner or have the owners permission!